Dear Customer,
Hope you are keeping well and assume that the pandemic have not drastically affected you or your family members.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic taking place Worldwide, most businesses had to close their stores. In Sri Lanka, the entire country was under lockdown for almost two months except for the two main districts that are still under partial lockdown for over two months.

While the entire country was under lockdown, most of us were unable to function and transact normally. During which, we at Seneview, took various mandatory steps to prevent our customer accounts from getting either suspended or terminated. Most of which involved in monetary transactions on behalf of our customers. All these were done to safeguard all our loyal customers, you! However, we are unable to continue as we are currently suffering a big financial impact. 

In order to provide you an uninterrupted service, please consider settling all your overdue invoices on or before 30/06/2020. Failure to comply would result in temporary or permanent suspension of relevant services. Hosting and business email related service renewals that incurred before 11/05/2020 were renewed till 15/06/2020. This excludes all domain renewals as most registrations do not allow us to perform partial renewals which are less than 365 days.

We urge all customers having long outstanding invoices to take necessary actions in time to avoid service disruptions. We will not be held responsible for any monetary, reputation or data loss which may incur after service auto suspension or termination.

You can log in to your billing account from to check or settle your invoices. If you don't remember your password, you can use the forgot password option to recover it. Please let us know if you require assistance.

Stay safe!

Thank you,

Sunday, May 24, 2020

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